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One-Year (Season) Only Membership. Enjoy the club for one season. *Additional discount offered next season when you choose to convert to regular family membership. This is a one-year (season) only membership. If you enjoy your time at BBT (and we hope you do!), please ask to become a regular member next season. You will receive $100 off of next year's annual assessment (dues).

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Membership FAQ's

Belair Bath & Tennis (BBT) offers two forms of membership: 1.) Annual Trial Membership- For a One time Annual Fee, your family will have access to the Pool and Tennis Facilities Please remember, the memberships are for your family who reside in your immediate household. Not meant to be extended to other families or households. No ownership or voting rights are given to Annual Members Annual Members are not eligible for "Member" amenities, such as Swim or Tennis Lessons, or Water Aerobics This is a one time trial for the season, if you choose to convert to a Regular Family Membership the following season, a discount will be applied to the Annual Dues Assessment for that season only. 2.) Regular Family Membership- Requires Initial Investment into the Club in the form of a Membership Rights Fee and the Annual Dues Assessment. The memberships extends to the family living in your immediate household. Not meant to be extended to other families or friends All members are co-owners of the club and are responsible for fulfilling their Annual Dues Assessment to the club. All members, including the board, are responsible for keeping current with the annual assessment. All members have full voting Privileges at our annual meeting for club decisions. (Annual Members do not get voting rights) The members elect 9 members to be on the Board of Directors who are elected to offer guidance and direction on decisions for the club. We are a community pool and club and are only as strong as our members and volunteers who help promote a positive family experience for all. All members are encouraged to volunteer for events and also offer to join the board for the betterment of the club. For every hour a member volunteers, they get put into a drawing to win a free membership for the next year. Here is some important information about our amenities and policies: - Member families get free swimming and tennis lessons. Sign up day is in early June. - Lessons are given in 2-week sessions, before the pool opens for the day, in the early weeks of the season. Limit 1 session per learner. - We have a swim team which is open to any member youth. Adult participation is always welcome for the success of the program. - Members may bring guests, but the member needs to be present when the guests arrive. - Each guest must pay the $10 per person guest fee each day they attend. - Young swimmers need to pass a basic swimming skills test to use the diving board and slide. - We have a gated kiddie pool for infants and toddlers. It is zero entry and only inches deep. - Any children who wear diapers must use swim diapers while at BBT. This is a health code requirement. - Members and guests may bring in coolers, but Absolutely No Glass allowed. - Alcohol is permitted but again NO GLASS. - Members may reserve party space for a couple of hours for a nominal fee. - Members may borrow propane grills, with or without a party reservation. - We have a snack bar run by an independent local restaurant owner with good food and reasonable prices. - The Belair Bath & Tennis Board also sponsors some fun activities during the season. Here are some highlights from our current event calendar: - We hold 3 large picnics a year on Memorial Day weekend, 4th of July, and Labor Day weekend. - We have monthly Movie Nights on the pool deck where we have Free Popcorn and sell drinks and other snacks. - We hold an annual crab feast for adults only. Members are allowed to bring guests. - We also hold some activities for notable events during the summer such as celebrating the end of school and the end of summer. - Each of these activities take some work so we ask our members to volunteer to help under the guidance of the activity coordinator.

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