2021 BBT Swim Team News
Some great bit of news #1

We are so excited to welcome another summer swim season at BBT.  PMSL required the league teams to decide on whether to participate in virtual meets or in person meets by May 8th. After much deliberation and many conversations, we made the decision to continue with virtual swim meets for one more season.  There were many discrepancies and uncertainties at the time about meet procedures when involving another pool or visiting another pool that concerned us.  Some of these procedures include things like, parents not being allowed to attend the meet and swimmers being required to wear their masks the entire meet when not swimming in an event.  Two other local Bowie pools polled their membership to ask if they preferred in person or virtual meets and both pools membership votes had a 50/50 split.  We did not poll our membership, however, we assume if we did we would have a similar outcome.  It is likely that those who voted for in person meets will still participate in virtual meets, whereas, those who voted for virtual meets may not feel comfortable participating in person.  One last consideration was B meets.  There is usually a limit to the number of swimmers allowed to participate in the in person A meets which often means we hold B meets for those who do not make the A meets.  With the other Bowie pools opting to do virtual meets we found that we would not be able to hold B meets.   Through doing virtual meets we have the flexibility to allow all of our swimmers to participate in the A meets taking away the need to hold B meets.  We know that not everyone will be pleased with this decision, however, the decision was not taken lightly or made easily.  We do believe that this is the best way for BBT to have a fun, successful season for all of our swimmers.  We want to be sure that all of our families are able to enjoy summer swim this year so we decided the best way for that to happen would be with virtual meets.   It was challenging having to make this decision so early, but with the information we had at the time, we made the best decision we could.

** If you wish to register your children for the swim team please use the link below as soon as possible.  We will need your children registered by May 24 so that we can organize practices.

**Practices will begin on June 15 (you will receive a practice time)

June 26 Dual Meet 1

July 10 Dual Meet 2

July 13 BBT City meet/fun meet

July 17 Dual Meet 3

July 24 Divisionals

July 26 Awards ceremony

July 31 In person All Stars

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